smaller is better….

21 May

ImageOften times when using organic methods the produce will not be as sizable as produce gown using conventional methods, plants on steroids if you will, but the flavor is always better. The variety above is in fact bred to be small, but when seeing these little gems it reminds me of that fact. The chemicals that are used in conventional agriculture are down right scary. We are currently facing a situation in agriculture that will devastate our food system and our ability to grow food. The insects and weeds are becoming resistant to the methods used and are destroying crops and cropland across the nation. This is forcing the chemical companies to produce more potent versions of the chemicals or switch to even potentially more dangerous products such as 2,4-D, dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, found in Agent Orange. This is being combined with Glyphosate, which is found in a popular product called Round Up. The plan is to market a corn seed that is resistant to these chemicals. When sprayed it initially destroys everything living other than the corn crop being grown, but one cannot underestimate nature. Insects and Plants both adapt very quickly and over time change in such a way that they become resistant to the chemicals that are regularly applied. It is a very dangerous and vicious cycle.

Back to smaller is better, communities have to support the small growers in such a way that they can afford to make a living growing food. We all need to scale back and localize. If we do not then this will continue and will render our croplands poisonous and unusable. The industrial agriculture model will collapse and when it does we had better hope that there are enough young and motivated growers to fill the very large hole that will appear in the food system.


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