in the frying pan

25 Jun


So we got the last few rows planted this weekend and the summer crops look great. Another year and another acre planted, it is a weight off of my shoulders to be all in. By no means are we done, it is just that a very busy phase of the season is behind us. By the clock we are halfway through the 2012 growing season on the front range of Colorado.

What an interesting season it has been thus far. Very early and very productive, but a change may be coming. I am a bit concerned for this transition season and the production. The heat has been stifling, we are seeing record temperatures, over 100 degrees for a few days at a time. This is of course putting the beat down on some of the crops, the lettuce of course is saying no way and the beets are taking a beating during the day. The beets have been perking back up overnight, but day after day of punishing sun and heat may cause the growth of the root to stop. All of this and the insect populations are thriving, seems like we have a challenge on our hands.

Back to the positive. The onions, peppers, tomatoes squash all look good thus far.

I am going to lead us in asking for a merciful mother nature for the remaining of this season. Maybe some rain, maybe some lower temperatures….



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