some long overdue rain

9 Jul


The tomato plants are growing at a very rapid rate. This past weekend I went through my tomato field and mapped out the plants and the status, healthy, possible disease, and horn worm damage. Throughout the next 2 months I will walk the field and continue to observe the plants. This is a must from one day to the next as disease and insects happen very quickly and have the ability to completely take down an entire crop in a matter of a week or 2. I was happy with what I saw, but a few alarm’s were sounded. I observed 2 plants that had been eaten back by horn worms and about 20 plants that had shown signs of stress. It could be disease, or it could be a rodent eating at the roots. I will continue to watch these plants and the neighbor plants, if it moves to the neighboring plants then I have to start pulling those plants out so it does not spread further. If it is a rodent then I need to find the holes and try to flood them out. This field is alive and it changes so rapidly, it needs constant observation and attention, that is why I love it so.


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