summertime’s hunt

23 Jul


Here we are again. I went back through some photos and last year, July 20th 2011 I had a very similar photo. My soil is healthy, I rotate my crops, I even planted a thick basil barrier with some marigolds mixed in to deter these crazy creatures, but they still found what they love. I have been doing a daily walk of the tomatoes to identify this and various other goings on in the tomato patch, and this is what showed up yesterday. There were 2 half eaten tomatoes, a pile of feces and this guy. After his brief career as a model, he was dispatched to the great tomato in the sky. What now? Well I will continue to walk the rows, look for signs and terminate them as they show up. You know from experience there is not just one out there, wish me luck. Below is a more positive view.



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