Let’s begin again here

7 Feb


As you can see from the date of the last post that last season got away from me. I was so busy doing that I had no time to update about doing. This season I am going to make time to get the photos and the experience logged for all to see. To note, 2012 was the most productive season that I have experienced. The heat was stifling at times, and boy was it dry, but we managed to really coax a lot the food out of the soil.

The above photo is from February 5th 2013, at around 5400 feet above sea level. It is out of the ordinary to see a tulip showing itself this early, in my opinion. The ground has remained warm all winter save for a couple of weeks of very cold weather. We are seeing a shift and will have to adapt accordingly. It is tempting to start extra early in the garden’s, and attempt to really push the seasons out. Instead I am going to hold out and hope and beg the sky for some cold and snow. We will be toiling in the soil soon enough.


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