moving in the right direction

5 Apr


Knowing that this is in no way automatic, there is always some degree of doubt moving from one season to the next. Did I prepare the soil appropriately? Is my equipment in good order? Is it going to rain this year? There are so many questions to be answered and concerns to be addressed.

Year in and year out when I get to the point of seeing sprouts in the field a bit of that doubt is lifted. You know in your heart that if you do the work and care about your work then you will produce results, or at the very least you know you did your best. Growing is humbling, you can only do so much, you can only have your hands on certain aspects of the process, but in the end it is really not up to you whether the greens sprout or the tomatoes fruit. Life is beautiful that way. With so many variables all that you can do is work hard, pay attention and enjoy every second of the experience, this minute only happens now and never again.


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