were ready allready

16 Apr


You cannot have it both ways. We badly need the moisture, but I need to get these plants in the field. What to do?

We have been blessed with regular and sometimes heavy snow since the last week of February this season. Along with the snow has come winter like temperatures. As in years past I have started plants in the greenhouse in late February to transplant outside in the early part of April. We are now in the second half of April and those plants are just hanging out in the greenhouse waiting. While waiting they are growing and growing out of the pots they are housed in. The next step is the field, but if need be they will have a layover in larger pots until there time comes to go home to the field. Oh and also there is food growing outside under the protection of row covers, albeit growing very slowly as the soil temperature has oh so much to do with the rate of growth. In all reality I am now looking at harvesting a full 3 weeks later than last season.

Current conditions. 12″ of fresh snow on the ground. Air temperature around 28 degrees. Forecast is for snow and cold through Thursday with night time temperatures dipping to about 15 degrees. Relax and wait for the window to open


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