on this garlic moon

18 Oct


We finally got to planting again today, what a relief. I cannot be happier to be back at work, digging and hoeing, raking and planting. It snowed last night, only an inch or so, which gave me  a late start for the task at hand. Plant the garlic and move on. Once I dug in the earthworms told me let’s do this. To begin the next season is so joyous.  A month ago I would have told you I was flooded and oh so not there, but today I am telling you that we are indeed there and moving forward is the only option. 2014 begins today and I renamed tonights moon the garlic moon. Tonights moon is clear, and cold and I am listening.



One Response to “on this garlic moon”

  1. Tammy December 28, 2013 at 10:52 pm #

    I loved the title of this post! I can hear Neil singing it!

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