rain, rain go away come again another day, or week, or how about next month

15 May


What a wet couple of weeks we have had, I wish we could ship a few of our rain clouds to California. Just about 3 weeks of soaking and counting. Last Saturday I arrived at the farm to find large pools in my already soaked fields and about 3″ of water in the greenhouse. Thankfully I learned my lesson in 2013 and there was nothing on the floor, so no problem really. Sadly, some other problems associated with all of this moisture have started to show up this week. My beet crop has contracted cercospora leaf spot, potentially destroying it entirely. This is something that with all of this rain and no sun will run wild and it looks like it has. In any given year, this is something that could be present, but usually nature has her way and it is kept under control. I rotate my crops and the soil is very healthy, but with none of our usual intense sun, it has taken hold. That being said, the good still outweighs the bad. The lettuce heads, the cauliflower, broccoli, and pretty much everything else is looking stellar, just growing away, awaiting the long hot days of the summer to come. Today even gave me a bonus, while digging out and cleaning a neglected corner of the farm I found this happy tiger salamander doing it’s thing. With all of it’s trials and tribulations I am still elated to be doing this very special work. Thank you to everyone involved and I am looking forward to the great season ahead.


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