what a treat

23 Jan


Today’s spinach harvest, eating from the garden at this time of the year is a special gift.


a happy place

16 Jan


Wow the winter sunshine, what a beautiful day. We are so ready to grow in 2015.

2015 CSA flier

2 Jan

CSA letter 15

sky view

15 Dec

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 5.52.40 PM

My best guess is this image of the farm fields is from the middle of October. If you look at the middle stretch of white row cover on the middle field, you can see me just south of the cover, I cast a longer shadow than anything else in the field. Those are 2 left over pumpkins that along with me make a diagonal line. Google Earth is fascinating.
For reference, take the field all the way to the bottom of the image to the tree, that will also be included in next years vegetable gardens.


7 Nov


The last leaves of Autumn…With snow on the way, the trees will be letting go of a wonderful 2014. We are truly grateful for the opportunity that we have been provided, to work with, and grow with the seasons is truly special.

another transition

19 Oct


The last of the garlic went in the ground on Thursday, 1500 total. 2015 has officially begun at the farm.

Not to get ahead of ourselves, 2014 continues to provide. The autumn greens are giving us continued love from the garden. I am intent on carrying out this season as far as I can, it is only a couple of rows, but the fresh salad is worth the work.

just about the end

12 Oct


What you see above is a good portion of the seasons final harvest. The apples, carrots and tomatoes have all been harvested and the field is pretty much all cleaned out. The final produce will go into deep storage so the growing season can be enjoyed well into the cold months.  The fresh food will have to come from the late planting of spinach, arugula, kale, mizuna, and hearty chicken eggs. if I pay close attention and remain diligent, the greens can continue to feed us past the winter solstice. 2014 will go down as a gem of a season, productive and wonderful. When I look back I smile on the past 9 months.