it is a commitment

11 Apr


one ride to the farm = one gallon of unleaded saved. head wind or tail wind this is how we roll.



11 Apr


You know you’ve made a commitment when…

30 Mar


you’ve got beautiful healthy hens and full rows of spinach coming up in the field. I have approached this season, relaxed and open to what it can become. Another season is well underway and I am ready for the sunshine ahead.

the shoulder season

7 Mar


Planting peas is what we do with the shoulder season. 2014′s first outdoor sewing. A nice March storm started winding up this morning, light rain, medium rain, heavy rain, then small flakes turning into large flakes of snow. It was a small window, get the seed planted and take advantage of water from the sky. Done.


and away we go

27 Feb


This was the first garlic to break through. Another season begins…. :)


early infrastructure work

16 Feb


Another season is just around the corner so it is high time that we get back to work at the farm.


on this garlic moon

18 Oct


We finally got to planting again today, what a relief. I cannot be happier to be back at work, digging and hoeing, raking and planting. It snowed last night, only an inch or so, which gave me  a late start for the task at hand. Plant the garlic and move on. Once I dug in the earthworms told me let’s do this. To begin the next season is so joyous.  A month ago I would have told you I was flooded and oh so not there, but today I am telling you that we are indeed there and moving forward is the only option. 2014 begins today and I renamed tonights moon the garlic moon. Tonights moon is clear, and cold and I am listening.



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