todays 4 varieties

1 Sep


summers colors

28 Aug


Soak it in, all of the senses are covered this time of year. I am going to do my best to pack in as much of late summers love as possible. May I suggest you do the same. Visit your local farmers market, seek out a farm stand, reach out and find a farmer near you and get on board, this only happens now. It is but a few short weeks before the pumpkins are ripe and the cold winds start to blow.

we are approaching the top

24 Aug

sungold82414 csa82414


From where I sit this is the highest point of the growing season here in beautiful Boulder County, CO. The tomatoes are popping and today’s CSA share hosted no fewer than 13 different varieties and weighed in at 11lbs, yes you heard that, 11lbs. Let us do our best to slow this most wonderful end of summer season down and really take it in.

heading your way

12 Aug





If you are so fortunate as to have a share of this seasons crop, onions and garlic are making an appearance this weekend



the day of the pepper

10 Aug


Today with beautiful bell pepper in hand, I had the 2 conversations that needed to be had to solidify the expansion of my growing operation. The fields for next season are going to expand roughly 66.67%, from just a bit over 1 acre, to all but 2. It is the next move in this adventure.

vibrant and full of life

6 Aug


the rains came over the last week and the fields are exploding, the giant leaves of all of the great summer crops are taking in large amounts of glorious sunshine to produce delightful fruit, rewarding us for the love that we gave back. 

a rainy and very beautiful July 30th

30 Jul


Today we had buckets of rain and handfuls of zinnias.


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