another transition

19 Oct


The last of the garlic went in the ground on Thursday, 1500 total. 2015 has officially begun at the farm.

Not to get ahead of ourselves, 2014 continues to provide. The autumn greens are giving us continued love from the garden. I am intent on carrying out this season as far as I can, it is only a couple of rows, but the fresh salad is worth the work.

just about the end

12 Oct


What you see above is a good portion of the seasons final harvest. The apples, carrots and tomatoes have all been harvested and the field is pretty much all cleaned out. The final produce will go into deep storage so the growing season can be enjoyed well into the cold months.  The fresh food will have to come from the late planting of spinach, arugula, kale, mizuna, and hearty chicken eggs. if I pay close attention and remain diligent, the greens can continue to feed us past the winter solstice. 2014 will go down as a gem of a season, productive and wonderful. When I look back I smile on the past 9 months.

the finer things…

7 Oct

tomatillo10714 autumndisplay10714

You always come across some really wonderful things through the end of season cleaning and gleaning. Today I found a volunteer tomatillo alive and well, smothered under the squash vines and also discovered that the remaining corn stocks, still rooted, and half rotted gourds made for a fine autumn display. Life wants to live.

boom! it’s the grand finale

28 Sep

peppers92814 flowers92814

Summers last blast of colors, wow. What a fantastic season it has been. Thank you everyone for the continued support. This farm is growing in all of the right ways.

we’ve turned the corner

21 Sep


Moving sheep manure for the 2015 garlic bed and taking the winter squash from the field, I’d say that’s a big move.  We’re talking scale here, right. This growing season has been so very large for such a small space. To date we have taken 5 tons, yes 10,000 pounds of food from just 1 acre or around 43,000 square feet. Lot’s of numbers, but the bottom line is scaling production and growing for the immediate community. This works, the proof is in the back of the 1982 Subaru Brat that is serving as a squash holding bay until distribution this coming weekend.

first frost

13 Sep


In anticipation of the predicted cold snap, I spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday harvesting as much as possible. Good move on my part. Sadly last night was our first frost, it killed the zucchini, summer squash, cucumber and basil, it also did heavy damage to the tomatoes and peppers. We will just have to make a seasonal adjustment for the remainder of the season. Although it is not nearly as dramatic a loss as last season, it is a loss none the less. Somewhat expected, but early for sure. Such is growing food, she has her way.

it’s all about the fruit

4 Sep


Yeah the fruit. Harvest, harvest, harvest. The days are spent filling buckets and bins and cardboard boxes full of the good stuff. EAT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN NOW. 

I need to look back at the blog and see how many times I have proclaimed my love for the way I spend my days, growing food is an experience like nothing else. The seasons develop deep meaning and the cycle of life is all that there is.


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